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After Ramona welcomed members and guests, we participated in the Five-Minute Calming Meditation by The Honest Guys available on YouTube. 

Ramona introduced David Minkin, International Champion of Magic and a member of our group. Before entertaining us with some of his magic, we showed a short video explaining how he persevered in the development of his latest act.  A sample of his magic may be viewed here along with information about his show. When you buy tickets, use the code "LOA" to get a discounted price.

The opening video was “Magical Perseverance” available on YouTube.  

Life causes you to create, even when you don’t realize it’s happening, and causes you to launch rockets of desire.  Those rockets of desire gather in your vortex.  Then, your Inner Being draws more to you until it becomes a vibration. As the vibration is enhanced, it becomes a thought, which is also your vision.  So, once it becomes a thought/vision and builds momentum, it will become a thing/reality UNLESS you think in opposition to it.  

Examples of opposition to your thought/vision are thoughts such as “It’s too hard; it’s too late; it’s never been done before” etc.  Those statement and thoughts wipe out the momentum you’ve built up towards obtaining your vision.  You can have results, or you can have excuses, but you cannot have both!

You can hold your vision even when contrast rears its ugly head. Remember your Inner Being never stops thinking those thoughts and never stops projection them to you.  All you need to do is stop thinking the thoughts that are in opposition to your vision so that you get back into the receptive mode.  How do you do that?  GET HAPPY AND STAY HAPPY.  That’s when thoughts become things.  And that’s what rings your bell.

When you are feeling you are losing the momentum, it’s because you are countering your vision with other thoughts that are in opposition to your vision. You are the only one who can add resistance to your vision.  Instead, focus forward.  Stop looking at the resistance because that builds more resistance.  Stop the gremlins in your head.  Be nice to yourself.  Go slowly.  Go general. You’ll get more clarity and make better decisions.  You have to catch it early, though.  And here’s what you need to do:
         Care about how you feel.
         Recognize that you are a vibrational being.
         Remember that vibrations matter.
         Make sure your opinion is in sync with your Inner Being
This will make you feel wonderful.  If in contradiction, you will feel terrible.

Your Inner Being knows your desire and knows the path of least resistance to get you there. If there is any resistance, YOU PUT IT THERE!  BUT, your Inner Being gives you guidance through clues to get you through, over, and around the resistance you put there.  So, your singular intention should be to remain in connection with your Inner Being so you can receive the clues/impulses it sends you.

The vortex did its job and held our desire/vision.  That part has been accomplished.  What comes next is the desire/vision becoming true – thoughts becoming things. What stops it is the resistance we place in its way.  What we must do is remain in connection with our Inner Being, follow the clues to get around the resistance, and perseverance in maintaining the vision and remaining in the receptive mode.  That’s how thoughts become things.  Through perseverance.  

Members added the following thoughts:
Choose to stay in a feeling of joy.
Allow yourself to be right.
Make the right decisions.
Love yourself regardless.
Flip negativity to happiness.
Follow your inner guidance.
Realize you are complete, healed and perfect.
Meditate when you awake to set the tone for the day.
Send your body love.
Substitute negativity into pure positive thoughts.
Make your heart and soul sing.
Hold a vision of the world in love.
Find ease and flow in life.
Change perseverance into “ease-everance”.
Realize how powerful we are.
Every day at noon chant “Peace and Love”.
Feed your pure thoughts and feelings over the negative ones.
Stay calm, cool and solution oriented.
Physical effort is not the only component that creates our reality.
Our thoughts, feelings, and frequencies create 99.99% of our reality.
Learn to let go.
Allow yourself to be loved.
Love yourself first.  It’s life-changing.
If you love from within, you will love all around you.
Affirm that you are worthy to receive the greatest good.
Realize you deserve all the greatness the Universe’s love sends every day.
Create your daily reality through the law of attraction.
Mentally build a grid (general outline of how your day will flow) so your day will flow perfectly.
With the law of attraction, you are always in control.
Clear your mind by releasing negative thoughts.
Spin your perspectives (via LOA) higher, faster and more pure.
Encourage loving, joyful, feel-good thoughts for the joy of it.
Just know that all is well.
Perseverance is about being in the flow.

Ramona suggested the group play the daydreaming exercise.  It puts you in the receiving mode by tuning into your vortex. Just daydream about what you would really like to accomplish and share it with the group.  Here are some of the daydreams:
Opening a vegan donut and coffee shop.
Creating inspirational greeting cards.
Moving one block to be on the beach.
Creating a 4-day a month speaking business.
Help 100 people lose 100 pounds each.
Become a professional astrologer.
Have a TV special as a magician.
Sell my script.
Take an Alaskan Abraham cruise.
Write for TV for the joy of it.
Finding missing children using skills as a medium.

Our next meeting will be on August 5.  Hope to see you there.

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