Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Ramona started the meeting by welcoming members and guests, and introduced Eddie Conner who provided a guided visualization.  After sharing this month’s “wins”, we showed an Abraham video Rampage of Love.

Rampages are good, but are conditional because needing a rampage assumes the person is in not as good a place as he or she should be.  Feeling good is where the power lies.  Fun is powerful; joy is in the journey; it just feels good to feel good.
 When Source speaks of unconditional love, unconditional alignment, unconditional clarity; unconditional balance; unconditional worthiness – Source is really saying that Source loves us unconditionally – as we are; who we are; where we are.  We are the ones who set the conditions.  We are on our path.  Always have been and always will be.  As we launch our rockets of desire on the path, we and the Universe evolve more.  It’s alright when we do not feel good because our guidance is still working telling us we are off the path and to get back on.  Source is always leading us to what we want.
 We came forth wanting to sift through variety knowing it would focus us into greater awareness of what we want.  Source knew that if we cared enough about knowing who we are, we would eventually develop a fulfillment of knowing who we are.  When we are selfish enough to care about how we feel, we return that love to ourselves.  What’s that all about?  Expansion for the joy of expansion; the ability to translate the experience you are having into a vibrational emotional experience that feels good to you.
 There is no greater value we could be that value to Source.  There is no greater value that Source could be than the value Source is to us.  Source is always focused on the perfection they know you are.  When we stray we don’t feel good, so our job is to come back to how Source feels about us.
 How are we supposed to feel and stay joyful when we are working hard?  First, by lowering our resistance, then choosing the path that feels good.  Pause for a moment, get the “inside” feeling right, and then the outside will follow.  Forgive yourself daily.  Learn to let go of old stories and live a new happily ever after.
 The second video was How to Elevate Your Self Esteem.  The video talks about clogged pipes.  Esther had a pond with fish and the water was getting cloudy because the pipes and filter system were clogged.  It’s like asking Source for something but not receiving it because of our resistance.  After many months of trying to unclog the system, the recommendation was made to lay new pipes.  Is it easier to lay new pipes of general appreciation, or new pipes about yourself? Do whichever is easier!
 Self-appreciation may be viewed by others as selfish or arrogant.  It’s trained out of us at an early age.  Actually, self-appreciation is merely trying to see yourself through the eyes of Source who never stops looking at you in that way.  If that is hard to understand, think of it this way.  Feel the appreciation Source has for our planet – the mountains, oceans, flowers, etc.  It’s a new way of looking at it.  Self-appreciation is nothing more than hooking up with the appreciation Source feels about you.  And alignment with Source always feels good.
 What others think of you can be disturbing, but it really does not matter.  It’s the knowledge of who you really are that’s important – your self-esteem; your self-love.  Keep things in perspective, in a point of view that serves your highest good.  If you are ashamed of something from your past, start where you are today.  Address the shame.  Approach it with love.  Appreciate yourself.  Know it’s a consciousness.  See yourself through the eyes of Source.  And know that all of your like-minded friends in LOA love you for who you are today.
 As an exercise, Ramona handed out a form for each person to fill out.  It asked to list three accomplishments of which each person is most proud, three skills each possesses, and three things each person loves about themselves.  (As they filled out the form the energy in the room escalated and more smiles were seen.)
 The closing video was A Love Letter to You From the UniverseOur next meeting will be May 1 at 7 PM at Spiritworks in Burbank.  Hope to see you there.

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