Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Ramona welcomed the group and announced this was the 6-year anniversary of the Burbank Law of Attraction Meetup Group.  Kathy and Robin were honored – Kathy inspired Ramona to start the meetup group, and Robin has attended every meeting.  Then she had new members introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner inspired us with a meditation.  A big thank you to Eddie for always providing inspiring meditations and for taking notes of the meetings.

Ramona reminded the group that relationships are not only with those we love, but also with friends, people we work with or live near, etc.  She asked the group if all their relationships were good.  Relationships reflect aspect of ourselves.  Sometimes the things we see in others that we don’t like are reflections of things we don’t like about ourselves.  And, whatever we are living now is because we vibrated it into our own life experience.

The opening video was “The art of renewing your relationships”. 
Some members made the following comments about the video: 
-We are of no help to anyone when we dip into that “sorry” phase.
-Humor adds a positive light and can keep relationships going strong.
-Give to others only when coming from a good place.
-Offer guidance only when you feel good.

If someone is addressing you from a low vibration and complaining, etc., just say to yourself “I don’t care”.  It lightens up the spirit internally so we release negativity and allows us to not drop our vibration to their level.

Make lists of things we appreciate because it perpetuates more things to feel grateful for.  Appreciation is a form of love and makes everything easier in life.

When we feel negative about someone we should remember all the things that are good about that person because this places us in a feel-good frequency.

Stop focusing on what you don’t like and your energy will immediately turn around.

Count the good things; acknowledge the good things and focus on them.  This will strengthen your personal relationship with yourself and others.

Praying with a pure heart is a great way to flow energy.

Be aware of your emotional negative triggers and flip yourself back up to the fun, beautiful emotions of a high vibration.

Focus on every person’s value, gifts, strengths and positive aspects.  This places you in a higher, better relationship with yourself and others.

Sometimes when someone does something to irritate you, it may be that you see something in them that you realize is one of your own faults.

Not everyone is like-minded or capable of maintaining a high vibration, or may actually like complaining, etc.  Keeping a high vibration may result in some of our friends drifting away.  We refer to this as “vibrating them out of our lives.”

Everyone we know can be really high or really low based on our vibration.  Instead of holding your loved ones in their old space, reframe them and hold them in a higher space.

Staying in the “now” is important.  Staying in our core essence is easier when we choose to stay in the now.  Be appreciative; focus on what feels good; choose self-nurturing; be light.  Take care of yourself first because you set the tone for interaction with others.  If you notice a pattern within yourself that is not serving you, reestablish new emotional patterns.  Abraham’s step 5 is another way to stay in a feel-good place when we stumble.

Appreciation is sincerely the key to self-love and to loving others.  Love yourself first, then others.

Ramona did the envelope exercise where everyone wrote the names of two people with whom they have issues.  Then opening the envelope there were two slips of paper with the following:  “______________ You’re off the hook. My happiness depends on me!”  Then we tore them up and released them!

Live life to the fullest – we’re on the leading edge.

The closing video was “All that we share”.  

Our next meeting will be March 14.

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