Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced first time attendees.

Eddie Conner (www.eddieconner.com) led the group in a guided meditation.  Thank you Eddie for your fabulous meditations and for taking notes of the meetings.

Members shared their “wins” since the last meeting.

Here is an example of what outdated or limiting beliefs can do.  During the Medieval period 15th through 17th centuries, a weird psychiatric disorder swept through Europe where many people believed they were made of glass and were likely to shatter into pieces with even the slightest contact. 
People went to great lengths to change their lifestyles so as not to shatter.  We may think that was stupid, yet to them it was real.

Are you carrying beliefs that are self-limiting, maybe even false?  Are these beliefs preventing you from living the life you deserve?  --A great life?

Consider these seemingly benign statements that perhaps we say on a daily basis.  “I can’t tell the truth because I may be judged.”  “I can’t get close to this person for fear my heart may get broken.”  “I don’t dare want for something I may not get for fear of rejection.”  “I can’t pursue my dreams because I don’t know what I’d do if I fail.”

The only difference between us and our medieval ancestors is that their belief was centered around physical contact while our beliefs are centered around our emotions, relationships and dreams.

The opening video was “An Easy Way to Change Old Beliefs” by Abraham-Hicks.  

We also watched “Old Beliefs are like Old Clothes” by Abraham-Hicks.  

Ramona asked the group to fill out a form that lists the personal beliefs that are limiting and may no longer serve us, followed by a mastermind discussion for several volunteers.  Each volunteer was asked where they felt they were on the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale (for more information see page 114 of “Ask and it is Given” by Abraham-Hicks).  

Our first hot-seat participant referenced Esther’s experience with laying new pipes and related that to her personal experiences.  While she is able to envision the new pipes, her worries about those life experiences inhibit the use of her new thoughts.  She feels she is a 14 (worry) on the Emotional Scale.  Our mastermind asked what the limiting belief was behind the worry; answer trust issues. Focus on “I’ve got this handled” and get rid of the worry before 17 seconds elapses.  Shift focus to all things that are working for you. After the mastermind, our volunteer moved up to level 4 – positive expectation/belief.

Our second hot-seat participant started at level 9 or 10, pessimism or frustration, on the Emotional Scale.  His limiting belief is he is a long way from being an actor or director.  Asked how he defined success the response was to never have to worry about money.  It was suggested he start in a feel-good place and use the imagination to make up good stuff rather than imagining the fear.  Pull back; go general.  Replace the word job with new words like lifestyle, dream career, life purpose. Keep the wording simple – “I want to do what I want when I want to do it.”  Also suggested he practice his acceptance speech for the Oscars listing all the wins he has experienced. After the mastermind, he elevated to a 4 - positive expectation and belief.

The third hot-seat participant feels guilty for having wonderful things when so many people around her lack for so much.  She checked in at level 13, doubt.  Suggestions included not lowering her vibration to that of the people who are lacking.  Remember we are all responsible for ourselves.  Think about what it would feel like to wake up guilt free.  A member offered from her own experience that she replaced old guilt behaviors with new patterns, deciding to place herself first.  When she did her entire situation changed for the better.  The volunteer moved all the way up to 1, joy, freedom, love.

Our last hot-seat participant had a great income, but now she doesn’t and wants to be back on top.  She was asked if she is looking for the money in the same place she found it before. Answer was no.  So what has changed? Don’t hold on to the past.  What she wants is the freedom money brings.  Remember, contrast is good because it launches desires of where you want to be.  Her old belief was wealth comes easily.  But what is her new belief?  She is breaking through the glass ceiling of fear and moving into ease.  After the mastermind our volunteer moved up to 2, passion.

Our closing video was "Bhutan – Ten Paths to Happiness".  

Thank you for coming to our June meeting and reviewing our blog.  There will be no meeting in July.  Our next meeting will be August 16.

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