Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resistance - Who Me?

September 25, 2012

A big thank you to Eddie for taking notes during our meetup.

There were two videos that we could not play due to internet issues. They are: Abraham-HicksGo General and Abraham-HicksLighten Up.

The group welcomed new and former members. New attendees shared how they learned about Mike and Ramona’s Meet Up gatherings and spoke about what they’d hope to get with the Law of Attraction in Action. We opened the floor with an intention for the evening, briefly discussed building changes and upcoming policies and members shared.

EddieConner opened with a lighthearted guided meditation to humorously empower members to release their resistance.  

WHAT IS RESISTANCE?  Members answered, it’s a manifestation of our fears and insecurities. It’s pain, disappointment and things that feel like rejection to us. It’s pushing back, reluctance to change, fear of the unknown because we don’t know what’s on “the other side”. We only know what we know. And, it’s ego.

Why do we keep going back to thoughts of resistance? It’s a habit. When we resist something it’s like we’re putting up fences to keep our desires out and our negative thoughts and things in our energy grids. We do it without realizing it. We are comfortable with where we are, so it’s like being on auto pilot. It becomes automatic. Maybe we are just lazy. We learned to do this since we were young and as adults we’re working to pull ourselves back into the stream of pure, positive energy. 

How can we end our resistant thoughts? As a group we took turns as offering suggestions to release our internal struggles. Some points were:
Keeping our intentions more general, more relaxed.
Make your desires fun and light so that you feel better about them.
Listen to music that lifts your spirit.
Be in the general flow of things you appreciate. “Go with the flow”.
Appreciate things just for the joy of it.

Ramona shared a story about how the Bentley is her favorite car. She had shared a similar story a few months earlier in this meet up and tonight, because of that story a member brought her a gorgeous cup engraved with the “Bentley” logo.

Because Ramona is in the vortex about her Bentley and because she continues filling her Grid with all things that feel like the luxurious Bentley energy, the universe keeps bringing her more things that look and feel like the frequency of her favorite automobile.

What other ways do members use to get out of resistance? We consciously become aware that our every thought, every feeling, every step and every breath is a joyous opportunity for us to shift from what we don’t want to what we do want.

Focus on all things that feel really good. Why? Because when we feel good our negative emotion and all things resistant melt away leaving us standing in our vortex. Look at the glass as half full. Count your blessings. Walking in nature and laughter are all great ways to release resistance.

A member helped the group understand the difference between the GRID and the VORTEX with suggestions.

If we stop caring about IF our desires work or come true, they will present themselves. Don’t picture how it will happen. Rather, immerse yourself in what you want.

Here is an appropriate Abraham quote: “How long does it take to manifest something?  It takes as long as it takes to release resistance. It could be 30 years, 40 years, or tomorrow!”

Members shared amazing stories of how they had resistance about heavy topics and then how they turned their thoughts and feelings around to get miraculous, even extraordinary outcomes.

Remember another Abraham quote “The sooner you start enjoying the difficulty, then the sooner it goes away. The sooner it serves you and then in the enjoyment of the difficulty there is not a vibrational frequency that can keep the difficulty coming. It’s only pain and suffering that keeps difficulty coming”.

Other simple ways to create happiness momentum are:
Drop “How?” from your vocabulary and from your mindset.
Think of resistance as a friend reminding you to clean up your thoughts.
Know that our first instincts are usually the right ones.
Follow your heart and trust your gut-brain.
Learn to let go of things that no longer serve us.
Life is easier when we choose to consciously appreciate things.
Remember, what you do is not who you are.
Act “as if” your desires are here now so that you attract the outcome you want.
Write your desired end result you want today so you attract it tomorrow.
The more pure our intention is the happier we are and the faster we attract.
You have to imagine the life you want
And fine-tune your desires on a daily basis, for the shear happiness of it.

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