Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mastermind Q&A, with special Skype guest Cynthia Richmond

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation to open the meeting. Ramona asked the members to update the group on what’s been happening in their lives.
Our Skype guest was Cynthia Richmond, renowned Journalist, Author, Educator, speaker, and Board Certified Behavioral Therapist. Her website is DreamPower.Net and is listed under “Other Sites with Valuable Information” on this blog.  Cynthia has written two books, Dream Power and The Dream Power Journal, both available on Amazon.com.

Cynthia Richmond specializes in dream interpretation. She teaches people how to remember their dreams and how to make their dreams work for them. For example, tell yourself before going to sleep that you want to remember your dreams. Write down your questions in your journal before going to sleep. When you awake, record your dream in your journal.  Keep a “light-up” pen by your bed in case you wake up during the night.

To make your dreams work for you, ask yourself what’s in your highest and best interest. Then ask your dreams to help you fix the problem, or what the best treatment is for this ailment. You can imagine what you want before going to sleep, and get the answer in your dreams.

Several members asked Cynthia for interpretations of dreams which she generously provided. Explanations were given for dreams within dreams, dreams of people who have passed on, astral projections and

Cynthia offers a new personal Dream Coach package including a one hour Skype or telephone consultation and then three ½ hour sessions a week apart allowing dreamers to reach their goals or make their dreams come true. To contact Cynthia, visit her website, DreamPower.Net.

Several members asked questions of the group during the mastermind segment. Topics included how to control worrying, health/career dilemma, keeping focus on your intentions without being too focused, and bouncing back from upsetting events.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 9.

Here is the exercise Eddie Conner used, called the 5 why game.

Did you know the human brain triggers on questions not statements? There are two types of questions: Hi-Frequency and Low Frequency.

 Hi-Frequency questions move us forward in positive directions, empowering us to identify our strengths. Questions that amplify new ideas, improved approaches and moving us into inspired action are the best.

 Low-Frequency questions do the opposite. Questions like, Could it possibly get worse? Why am I such a loser? And what’s your problem? Are poverty ridden, lack-luster, blame ridden questions keeping us stuck in negative mental and physical cycles.

 Why Ask Why – Five Times?
It gets us to the heart of the matter. When we ask Why from a loving place we move quickly through layers of outdated programs keeping us stuck and lifeless. Case-in-point, I want to feel lighter in my body. I’m currently 210 and instead of asking Low Frequency Questions that feel disempowering, I’ve learned to ask Hi-Frequency Questions that move me forward into inspired action.

Why do I want to feel lighter in my body?
Because I know I’ll feel better.

Why do I want to feel better?
Because I’ve been lighter before and I enjoy the feeling of confidence it brought.

Why do I want to feel good?
Because feeling good makes me more productive and happy.

Why do I want to accomplish productive things?
Because I like positive movement forward, plus I have more energy!

Why do I want more energy?
I have a lot of great things I’m working on and more energy feels GREAT!

You can ask Hi-Frequency questions to move you forward in any subject. Asking Why stirs the brain and makes it more solution oriented on our behalf because our brain triggers on questions, not statements!

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