Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Abraham Processes to Get Into and Stay In the Vortex, with special Skype guest Kute Blackson

Ramona opened the meet up by asking for updates from members. It was a time filled with wonderful stories of manifestations realized.  Then it was followed by a video meditation from Kute Blackson entitled The Miracle is You

Our Skype guest was Kute Blackson. Source already exists within us in our consciousness. When we connect to our true self and open ourselves up to who we are, not who we think we are, something magical happens. We have awareness with all that exists and life flows through us in the totality that is the miracle of life. Action taken from that place carries with it the Universal power. This creates a synergy where 2+2 equals more than 4, up to infinity. The “something” that brought us into existence created life and therefore has the power to do anything. Getting into alignment with that Universal power is simple – sit, breathe, be still, listen, and you will know who you are.   Once connected we no longer need to manifest because there is no separation from Source. So if you just surrender to Source, manifesting becomes a part of everyday life.

Kute also announced his total immersion trip to Bali later this year. It is designed for those of us who consider ourselves visionary leaders, filled with the spirit of adventure, who seek self-discovery through travel, never settling for the status quo. For more information see BoundlessBlissBali.com. Mention Eddie Conner as a reference. If you ever want to see the Bali most tourists never see and come away from the experience renewed in spirit and direction, this is the trip for you.

The topic for the evening is “Abraham Processes.” We watched a video on the Virtual Reality Process. Members gave examples of how they use this process to achieve their dreams.

We viewed a Focus Wheel Video that explained the process by using an example. Ramona’s handouts included handed a blank focus wheel and explanation of how to prepare one.

A Treasure Map is a form of Vision Board with cut outs from magazines and written descriptions of whatever you are manifesting. Eddie Conner shared a couple of Treasure Maps he has used successfully in the past. One was to see Madonna’s world tour and the other was to see Cher in concert. Both desires came true at no cost to Eddie.

The Placemat Process Video was viewed. Abraham invented this process to segregate the list of what she has to do into two lists – what she has to do today, and what she will leave to the Universe to do. Members gave examples of how they use the placemat process or variations thereof. This process tends to be easier to use for the predominantly left-brained people. The handouts included an explanation of this process.

Included with the handouts referred to above were an explanation of pivoting and the lyrics to Kute Blackson’s “The Miracle is You.”

We closed with Kute Blackson’s “Love Now” video.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 24. Suggested topic is “Write a New Story” with special Skype guest Barb VerCande, a member of our Michigan group who coaches people to change their lives through this process.

Future Meetings:
            May 24
            June 21

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