Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Law of Allowing

Eddie Conner (www.eddieconner.com) took the group through a wonderful guided meditation that set the stage for the meeting. His meditation focused on Vibrating, Appreciating and Positively Believing.

We reviewed the key points from the prior meeting on Deliberate Creation.

            Maintain a high vibration.
            Strengthen your focus.
            Appreciate what you want.
            Positively believe you will get it.
            Ramp up your desires.
            Tell a story about how it feels to have it.
            Get into the vortex.

Mike and Ramona performed a two-part skit about wanting to return to a spa they attended several years ago. The first part portrayed how they would have looked at the possibility Before Law of Attraction (BLOA). The second skit showed how they would manifest the experience by Vibrating, Appreciating and Positively Believing they will get it After Law of Attraction (ALOA). The audience gave them a standing ovation. (Not really, but it made us feel good just to say it.)

Focusing on the Law of Allowing we viewed a video “Happy Allowing – Part 1”, which can be found at Happy Allowing Video.  The following are some of the ideas discussed by the group:
  • Abraham’s comment “Are you enjoying the sensation of unfulfilled desires?” 
  • What does it mean to be “Managed by the Manager”?
  • It’s not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of getting resistance out of the way.
  • Allowing is having the feeling of well being before having the evidence.
  • You just have to focus until you line up with what you want.

We discussed the use of a focus wheel process to help us change our vibrational alignment with any subject, whether it is a job we don’t like, a bodily condition, or anything with which we are not in alignment. A great focus wheel process video can be viewed at Focus Wheel Video.

Abraham says “be patiently impatient”. We need to keep defining our desires but we don’t want to start keeping score of the manifestations. When we do we contradict our pure vibration.

When you desire with BELIEF, it is happening.
When you desire with HOPE, it happens slower
When you desire with DOUBT, you might as well think about something else.
Ellen shared a quote from Jim Rohn. “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!”

Abraham’s view is when we live off the “list” that someone else has prepared for us, we need to remember this is their list which makes them feel good.  WE NEED TO MAKE OUR OWN LIST. 

It’s the same message. All we have to do is remember the message.

The closing video “A Rampage of Allowing” can be viewed at Rampage of Allowing Video.

Next meeting Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

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